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My 1998 Journal...

There has been some interest in what I find at garage sales, so here it is - my Garage Saling Journal... Enjoy!

I was in the news! Click here to "read all about it"!

September 19, 1998

Today was neat, found a sterling silver & 10k gold "cuff" bracelet, paid $1 for it! Not bad at all! A few "noodles" for the pool - 25 each. An immaculate punchbowl with 8 glasses, $4. Yep, more wool! 4 bags of it, $1.

Bratling has a "thing" for the "My little pony" ponies, and she bought 4 of them with the money I always stick in her pocket for Garage Saling. She gets a thrill out of paying for things herself. Silly child - oh well, she'll learn... haha!

September 12, 1998

Bought an Easy-Bake oven for the bratling. Paid $3 for it - and $14.99 for ONE cake mix for it at the store. Holy smokes! Forget that idea, she can use a regular cake mix and make a LOT of little cakes! :) Also bought 5 hallowe'en outfits for her, for $10 total. She's going as Snow White this year - a darling costume. Oh - a pedestal mixer with 6 bowls, works perfectly... $1!

September 5, 1998

Labour Day weekend - not much out there. I bought a few things for the pool. Spent an awesome $4. My husband called it awesome, anyway! He always groans when the bratling and I head off for our saturday morning adventure. :)

August 29, 1998

YAAAAY! I found another knitting machine! This time it was an older Brother model, but in marvelous shape. Paid $10 for it. Also found TONS of yarn to play with on both machines - about 50 full balls for $7! A box full of sewing supplies (Most brand new, still in the wrappers) for $5. A really cute wheelbarrow/planter...$2.

Kind of makes you think I'm only into sewing and knitting, doesn't it?

August 22, 1998

BLECH, lousy day today, nothing much out there.

August 15, 1998

Today was a better day for garaging than last week, but I didn't end up spending a lot of money this time either. The bratling got some lovely Barbies for $2 each (in excellent condition) and several barbie outfits for 25 each. I bought 6 porcelain frames for $4 (which was excellent, because they were all unused, in the boxes). My good buy for the day was an office telephone with 13 number memory, speaker phone, last number redial, flash, and hold buttons (all working perfectly) for 25!! I was very pleased to see that it was in working order. The only other purchase was a lap desk (for colouring in the back seat) for 50.

Not a bad day, really...

August 8, 1998

Today was not very productive either, we were interrupted by a trip to the vet to have the dog's stitches removed (she had a tumor removed, and was spayed at the same time), so were unable to do our entire route. *SIGH* :)

I bought a seat cushion with lumbar support (for my husband when he's driving my car) $1, 17 knitting books for $5, some costume jewellry for the bratling, 50, and a small stuffed animal in immaculate condition, 25. So much for my pledge to not buy any more stuffed animals! :)

August 1, 1998

Not too much out there today! There never is on a long weekend. (Civic Holiday on monday, here in Canada)

Lets see... a pattern for a tote bag (50), a hand knitting book (25), a "Decorating your home for Christmas" book($2). Actually, they came from the same place, and I paid $2 for all of them (heh).

The bratling got a couple small toys(10 & 50). That was it, pathetic, eh? Oh well, there is always next weekend!

July 29, 1998

Today was very exciting! I had a phone interview with Journalist David Flaum, of Memphis, Tennessee! David was doing research on Garage Sales, and found my site while doing a search. We spoke at length, and he promised to send me a copy of the article he writes. I'm thrilled! I'll post the article on the site when I get it. Thanks, David!

"Post-it Note": The article was a big disappointment to me - I was constantly misquoted and I never did receive a copy of the article from David Flaum. He also didn't put the URL of this site in as he had promised. Ah well, "believe none of what you hear, and half of what you see", right?

July 25, 1998

Today I had the company of my Father-in-law's fiancee, Donna. They are visiting from New Brunswick, and Donna wanted to join me this morning!

Today was not as busy garage sale wise as I would have hoped, but there were about 40 or 50 sales that we came across. We meandered through a good many, bought a couple vintage hats for my daughter's "dress up" collection (for $1 each), a doll in mint condition ($1.00), a basket for her bike (50), a blow-up boat for the beach ($1.00), and some junk jewelry, also for dress-up (25). For me... a book: Tim Allen's Don't stand too close to a naked man (25) [Excellent book, by the way! Very funny]

And then... What a find!

I couldn't believe my eyes when we drove up to this one lovely home, and on a table in the centre of the driveway stood - a mint condition (and really big) Pumbaa! You know, from Disney's Lion King? Well, I normally avoid buying stuffed animals (simply because I have the MOST spoiled child), especially BIG ones, but he was clean, and in perfect condition, and my daughter's eyes were as big as saucers. Of course I bought him. They wanted $3, I offered and got him for $2. (I would have paid $5, but hey - you have to try, right?)

Now, this isn't my big find - I know you were rolling your eyes just then! Right behind Pumbaa was a long box, and in it was a brand new Brother KX-350 knitting machine. My dream of dreams - I've always wanted a knitting machine. Don't know why, maybe I'm just too busy (ok, lazy) to sit and hand knit, and I'm not all that good anyway.

Could also be that I thought my 2 unused sewing machines were lonely, and needed company. I dunno. Anyway, brand new, these machines are $300.00 US, so I was rather hesitant, but I put on my best "I don't really want this BUT" face, and asked the lady what she was asking for it.

"Oh, $25.00" she says.

I nodded, made a couple more faces, and said, "well, how about $20?"

It's now clamped to my kitchen table, looking rather forlorn, because I have NO clue how to actually use it!

Ok, I obviously did more than just the above, but I only just GOT the idea in July... :)

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