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Cleaning Your Wares

Once you've gathered your wares, take a look at them. Are they dirty, dusty? Give them a good going over. Polish the brass, shine the glass, wash the linens and clothing. You can get more for something that is clean and shiny. No one wants someone else's garbage. It's only common sense!

Check any electronics - do they work? If they don't, but only need a small repair or part, make sure you put that on the tag. If they don't work, and aren't repairable, don't try to sell it. It's not honest, and you could have a rather upset person on your doorstep later on. Throw it away.

A good idea is to have an extension cord hooked up nearby, to let the buyer test the item out. They will appreciate your honesty, and you will have an easier time selling your items.

updated   See additional cleaning tips and tricks...

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