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The Common Sense Approach To Garage Sales!

The Common Sense Approach to Garage Sales on CD ROM
The Common Sense Approach to Garage Sales

This website started out as a small hobby site, and has steadily taken off in ways I never dreamed.

Because of the amount of information I have gathered in the many years I have been doing this, and the amount of press this site has received, it is only natural to take the next step, and produce a book.

That said, the book is now ready to go to print - I have to await the copyright paperwork, and a few other things, and then it will head to the printing company.

Now you have a choice to make!

Would you like to reserve a copy?

Would you like it in Book form, or on CD ROM?

Please fill out the form below to reserve your copy - price and shipping date to be announced, and I promise the price will be as low as possible! This is a cost saving hobby after all!

This is not a commitment to purchase, just to be on the list to be notified.

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