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My 2001 Journal...

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    June 16, 2001
    ACK!! Tomorrow is Father's Day, and I didn't even think about it until this morning! I did a quick run to the nearest mall and was actually lucky enough to get everything I wanted within 45 minutes. That has to be a record of some sort.

    This afternoon I have a radio interview with Mary Barretta of "the Money Pitt" for about 20 minutes or so. Should be very interesting - much better on my nerves than the TV shoot last year. I have been given kind approval to have a copy of the interview on my site, which I will post when it becomes available. Thanks Mary! I will talk about the interview after it's over - stay tuned!

    A brief crawl around my route today... found some hard cover books to replace some I lost in a flood last year - Ludlum and James Patterson mostly - $2 each, which is a perfect price for them. They are in excellent condition, and I am very pleased.

    Finished my book today, and will have the final paperwork done some time over the summer, hopefully by August.

    May 3, 2001
    Had a telephone interview with journalism student Corrie Callaghan from Ohio University this evening, who is writing an article on the social aspects of Garagesaling. Corrie promised to send me a copy to post on site.

    April 1, 2001
    I haven't started saling yet, been too cold and I've been too busy (was promoted a couple weeks ago, which means more work... just what I needed!! Bratling has been pretty sick with a stomach virus too. She's much better now though, starting to recover.

    Just cleaning up a bit, moving things around. The article for Woman's Day Magazine is due out in May, so I think I'm going to redo the site pretty soon, pretty it up a bit. Any suggestions?

    Today I added a new page on how different countries handle the Garagesale Phenomenon. I had considered this previously, but never found the time. This was prompted by a nice email I received from Pamela just this morning.

    I'm interested in hearing from you if you live in a country that handles garagesales differently than how I have things laid out on this website. Email me at with your description, and please be sure to indicate that I am free to use your email and edit it as required. I will credit it with your first name and the date submitted. Thanks!

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