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How different Countries handle this fun phenomenon...



I'm an American living in France, that likes garage sales too. We are not allowed to have garage sales here. We have things called "Brocantes." Different villages will have them, and we try to go out a couple of Sunday's a month for them. You have to pay the town a fee for each meter you use on the street to display your items. And you usually have to haul it to a different location in the town.

(Everything is more complicated and government controlled here.) Also the prices that you quote in your article for certain items seems so cheap compared to here. We have furnished part of our 250 year old farm house with several unique brocante items, however.

Just thought this interesting for someone with the same hobby in a different country and culture. :)

Happy hunting!

Pamela (April 1, 2001)

I would really like to hear from others in different countries about your ways of "garaging", like what you call it, and how things are laid out, priced, etc. Email me with your information, or any neat stories you'd like to share with everyone!

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