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Pricing Your Wares

ALWAYS put prices on your sale items. No one ever wants to just "Make an offer". But be reasonable! No one is going to pay top dollar for an ashtray, either. Keep your prices low, and you'll get rid of almost everything. You weren't using it anyway! This is a garage sale, not a retail outfit. 25 is a good rule of thumb for ashtrays and glassware. If it's a complete set, thats different. Ask a dollar! The point is to sell = get rid of.

Books are a huge seller at garage sales, but only if you put a decent price on them. The rule for books is simple - 25 for soft cover, 50 for small hard cover, $1 for new and impressive hard covers. If it smells like mold - well, I'd chuck those, but if you won't, sell the whole box for $2, "no picks". Magazines, if they're useful, should never be more than 25. I see them more at 10 though. Those that aren't useful - well, recycling is the buzz word here.

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