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My 2000 Journal...

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    November 28, 2000
    Wow, my little website has had even MORE media attention! I was just interviewed by a terrific lady by the name of Jennifer Downey of Woman's Day Magazine. She's writing an article on Garage Sales for the May 2001 issue of Woman's Day. How exciting!

    November 20, 2000
    Oh disappointing! I saw the Modern Manners program I was in today - 5 hours of work and the segment seemed like less than 3 minutes long. You almost get to see what I look like too! heh. Oh well, it was still exciting and a neat experience!

    I will see what I can do about getting a copy of it to upload to the website here. Stay tuned!

    September 9, 2000
    Wow! That was interesting! An almost 5 hour shoot with a producer, cameraman and sound man. Thanks to Hanem, Stan, and Chris for a very neat experience! Look for the segment on YTN's (the Womens Network) new show "Modern Manners" some time this fall or early spring. If I find out exactly when it airs I will post it in here, so come back soon!

    I've never been in front of the camera before, it was nerve wracking at first, and I bet I looked like an idiot (fingers crossed that they cut that part OUT) but I loosened up after a while, and actually had some fun with it. I even bought a few things, like some very neat african violet flower pots for 25 each, and a brand new (still in package) microwaveable "Moist Heat Collar" for my husband for $3.00. I'm not sure what they're worth in the stores, but I'd be willing to guess about $30 or so.

    All in all, a very neat experience... want my autograph?

    September 8, 2000
    OOOOH! I'm so nervous... tomorrow I have a Camera Crew from WTN's new show "Modern Manners" picking me up to shoot a segment on Garagesales! It's so exciting - this site has had more press than I ever thought it could. Go figure...! I'll let you know how it turns out... wish me luck!!

    August 19, 2000
    Today was rather uneventful. I haven't been out much this summer because of my workload, so the last few times have been so nice! Sorry I didn't post the last time, and to be honest, I don't recall what I brought home, so lets chalk it up to a nice day out, and move on. :)

    Today Bratling and I headed out at 8:15am (egad, I slept in! The HORROR!) and found quite a few sales. Surprisingly with all those sales, we didn't find a whole lot that appealed to us. Perhaps I'm overcoming my addiction? NAH!

    I bought a brand new laundry hamper to put in the laundry room (not nice enough for a bedroom, but quite good for a laundry room!) for $3. Bought a framed Robert Bateman print for $3 - the frame needs some work though, but I may use the glass out of it to replace a same size frame that was broken not too long ago. If I had been looking for craft supplies, I would have been in my GLORY! But we're all topped up, so I passed on the big box of beads, feathers, pipecleaners, glitter, paint, etc for $5. It made some child very happy I'm sure. Not to mention my husband... who will never know the sacrifice I made for his sanity! heh

    Bratling bought a mermaid (her new obsession) doll to play with in the pool for 25 and for some reason a couple of hotwheels cars for 10 each.

    June 15, 2000
    This year has been my busiest (professionally) ever, and... sad as it is... I haven't been to more than one garagesale, where I bought absolutely nothing. Sorry!! I'll try to get to some this summer, I promise!!

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