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My 1999 Journal...

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June 12, 1999
Some of you have asked where I've been the past couple weeks! I'm sorry, I have neglected the journal, but I honestly haven't had anything g-sale related to add. Bratling was in the hospital for a couple of days last week due to a severe bout with the flu, and subsequent dehydration. Always obey your instincts where your kids are concerned. I took her to a walk-in clinic and the doctor there said "ah, she's fine, take her home, wait a couple days. If she's not better come back again." I thought - "I DON'T THINK SO" and immediately took her to another doctor. (Our regular doc was away) Within 30 minutes of walking into her office, we were in the hospital, admitted, with the IV hooked up. It took a full 24 hours and 12 bags of fluid to re-hydrate her. Had I waited like the first doctor told me... well, I don't want to even think about it anymore. A horrible experience.

Anyway, things are fine, but I wasn't able to get out garage saling today. Hopefully next week I will. Stay tuned...

May 22, 1999
Had my own garagesale today, and did not too badly. It was a long weekend (Victoria Day weekend in Canada), however, so I had expected it to be rather slow, which it was. We sold enough just in kid's clothing to buy Bratling a really nice (brand-new) bike, and the padding that goes with it (no training wheels!)

We sold her old bike, which was really heavy, and hard to handle, and one of the bikes I bought last weekend, because my husband didn't like it. *sigh*

Going to have another garagesale this weekend, because I still have all kinds of things left, not to mention the other things I've found since then! Wish me luck...

May 15, 1999
Well, last week wasn't very nice, so we didn't have our garage sale. Will have it next weekend for sure. :) We're also going to have a lemonade stand so Bratling can get into the fun.

Today was a GREAT day for "saling"! I had to actually force myself to rein it in for the day at 10am, because I just knew I was losing my mind. I bought 2 10 speed bikes, one for me, and one for my husband. And get this - I paid $16 for BOTH bikes. True, they need some work, but they're both at least rideable already, so I'm quite pleased with them! I also bought an old push mower, for $8. So that is 3 things to check off on my Wish list - just today! Also bought a pool alarm for $5 - brand new. Normal price for this is $50. Excellent.

Bratling bought a little play house with kittens for 50, a pair of shorts for 50, and something else that I forget... oh yes, a mask and snorkel (FYI:which is soaking in Dettol right now! The only thing that will safely remove germs, that is then safe for use after a good rinse. Dive shops use it for this purpose when renting equipment)

I bought a pot rack to suspend from the ceiling - for 25 and yes, it's wrought iron, and worth about $90 or so. I have no idea why they'd sell it that cheap - but I wasn't going to argue. It is in perfect/brand new condition. Maybe they didn't know what it was? Dunno. :) Made me happy, anyway! I bought the complete set of Singer sewing books (worth what - $20 - $25 each?) for $8 - had never been unwrapped. Wire IKEA CD rack 50. A few other small things that I can't recall at this second...

Took some pictures of signs and a couple of garage sales do's and dont's. Will get them developed (forgot the digital cam today, but had a disposable Kodak) and put up here. I think I'll add some new sections to this site soon - I've been considering an enhanced cleaning how-to section, and a more "in-depth" sign section. What do you think?

May 9, 1999
Today the article written by Marianne Kearney was in the Toronto Star - a 3/4 page spread. Very impressive, and very well written! Kudos and thanks to Marianne for a terrific article. Definitely a wonderful addition to my life's scrap book. :)

May 1, 1999
What a gorgeous day! It's warm and sunny, and a perfect start to May. :) My mother came with Bratling and I this morning, and we found a number of great sales. I forgot my camera though - I could have had some great pictures of what NOT to do for signs. There were some really good ones though, and I'd have liked to have them up here as well. Oh well, next time. I think I'm going to have a garage sale next weekend, so I won't be doing my route.

Lets see, what did we find this morning... Ah, we found some hats for Bratling's collection, paid $2 for 4 of them. One is very neat, came from Bali, and folds down into a fan. Unique, and very pretty. The other three were felt women's fashion hats, and were quite lovely. We bought a Childs adjustable Fisher Price basket ball hoop/stand (with basket ball) in excellent shape, paid $7 for it. That was a good deal, they are normally about $50+ retail. A box of new yarn for $2, an oak paper towel holder for 50 (good, I was going to go out and buy one anyway!), 4 practically new jigsaw puzzles and one game (all kids) for $2, a dance costume for a $1, and a pair of figure skates for Bratling (scratch two things off the Wishlist! Bratling bought herself a bag of wooden beads for 10 and a hand fan for 10, as well as some rackets and balls for playing outside for 75. She bought a number of Barbie clothes also, at 5 a piece. (That is a good deal, they generally go for 25 a piece, in case you're wondering) Mom bought a set of brand new placemats for $3. A good deal for new, still wrapped, definitely.

Bratling's desires have changed for this year - she's no longer interested in the "my little pony" ponies (thankfully) or stuffed animals. I am also finding that I'm being more careful about what I buy this year. Perhaps that's because I have so much STUFF! My husband would agree with that I think. :) I find that it helps to have a plan for what you're looking for. I usually make a list, and try to stick to it as much as I can. Of course if I find something truly wonderful it won't stop me from picking it up, but it does help keep me on track. I passed one woman in a minivan who had it completely packed to the top of the windows - this was at 8am this morning. Hrm. My husband would have a stroke if I showed up at home in that state!

April 24, 1999
Boring me, I had promised to help out a friend today so I missed yet another garage saling opportunity. I may get hives...

April 22, 1999
Thursday, definitely not a garage saling day! However, I had a wonderful interview with Marianne Kearney of Creative Publishing Solutions Inc.. Marianne is a freelance writer for the Toronto Star (Canada's largest newspaper) and was doing an article for the Star on the local garage sale phenomenon. It was a pleasure speaking with her, and I'm sure her article will be top-notch!

April 17, 1999
Rain rain, go away... *sigh*...

April 10, 1999
Today was a bit cool yet, but we went out anyway. Found about 6 sales. Some really STUPID signs too! I'm going to take my camera next time and get some good do's and do NOT's to put up in here.

Anyhoo, bought some good solid arch support insoles, (new of course, in box) for my husband and for me. $1 each. These normally go for $11 or so, so I was pleased with these. He's on his feet all day, so he needs 'em! :) Also bought a pretty and practically new spring dress for Bratling, $1. At another sale I picked up 2 power staplers (perfect condition) for $1 (total). The last thing was a box for diskettes (badly needed - ACK, what a mess I have here!) for 25.

I have to mention this first sale I stopped by - the woman had some really ratty furniture that she wanted a lot of money for, and a bunch of barely used games. (Scattegories, etc.) She was literally asking $30 for each game. COME ON! I laughed all the way back to my car. True, you can ask anything you want for your things, but be serious - $5 would have been a more realistic price on the games.

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