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My 1999 Wish List...

I'll update this frequently as I find what I want, and come up with more wishes!

  • Manual lawn mower (the old fashioned push-type)(found on May 15)
  • Pool toys
  • Neat clothes for the Bratling (jeans, etc.)
  • Dance outfits/costumes for Bratling (bought one dance outfit on May 1)
  • Bikes for all 3 of us (found 2 10spds for Husband and I on May 15)
  • Roller blades and pads for Bratling and I
  • Ice skates for Bratling and Hubby (I hate ice skating) (found hers on May 1)
  • Baseball and Hockey cards
  • Quilting fabric, books, etc. (load of books found on May 15)
  • Any kind of knitting machine (Wonderful things, I'm addicted)

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